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Montreal, April 7th 2021 - Photosuite Canada, a division of Fotosko is proud to announce the launch of an innovative Managed Services Solution for Canadian Independent Volume Photographers as well as its new distributor role of Netlife Photosuite PRO solution for bigger studio in North America.


LITE solution with Managed Services - By combining the powerful Netlife Photosuite LITE workflow with Managed Services such as end-consumer online & phone support, Photosuite Canada allows independent volume photographers to streamline their work, optimize their profitability and to focus on what they love to do best: photograph.

This ready-to-go solution includes:

    • Netlife Photolink Lite software

    • Quality Assurance & job review

    • Automated and tailored 1-to-1 Communications

    • Webshop with the most advanced features of the industry ( &

    • Pre-established packages, price lists and marketing

    • Order fulfillment & shipping with partner lab District Photos

    • Portal for School/Club administration

    • Coast-to-Coast End-consumers bilingual support (phone & email)

    • Money Management

    • Education

    • Editing/Retouching services with partner editing studio The Image Salon (option)


Netlife Photosuite Pro now with a North-American dedicated bilingual support - For larger Volume Photography studio (10 000 subjects/year and more), Photosuite Canada offers the comprehensive Netlife Photosuite PRO version ( with a brand new French & English support, covering Canadian & American time zones.  Professional labs can also integrate easily Retouchlink, the lab module part of Netlife Photosuite.


From Volume photographer, Entrepreneur & Netlife Photosuite user to Distributor/Mentor  -  Photosuite Canada was created by Annie Poissant, a volume photographer & owner of Fotosko ( In 2017, the she founded Fotosko, she was the 1rst Canadian to implement Netlife Photosuite PRO.  Innovation & efficiency driven, Poissant had a very clear idea of her ideal workflow & webshop and Netlife was the only solution in the market that not only was filling her needs but was also has modern as her approach to school photography. The success and efficiency she had with the workflow inspired her to develop a Managed services system around the Photolink software to help her peers START, GROW & SCALE in the volume photography business.  Being a volume photographer, an entrepreneur and by knowing Netlife Photosuite PRO inside-out is the perfect combination to guide and support volume photographers and businesses through the onboarding process.

For informations: Annie Poissant - 1.514.554.1426 - -

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